Long-term Care New York City

Were you aware Throgs Neck Rehab offers Long-term Care New York City? In addition to all of the services that they provide, you now have the ability for long-term care as well. Admission can be arranged for direct from hospital or nursing care facility to the unit for long-term care at Throgs Neck Rehab. Their stellar nursing staff will see that all of your loved ones medical needs are met. They are the most compassionate and dedicated staff, and are specifically trained in the care of the long-term patient. Patients are monitored, steps are taken to alleviate and guard against issues common with patients that are bedridden. With Long-term Care New York City the staff will develop a rapport with each patient and understand their needs as well as desires. Patients dine on delicious and nutritious cuisine that is prepared fresh daily. There is a complete team of caregivers dedicated to each patient. You will always be kept abreast of the ongoing care, care plan and state of convalescence. Call today and speak with the admissions representative. Advise them that your loved one is in need of Long-term Care New York City. If you desire, you may come and take a tour. Throgs Neck Rehab is just what you have been searching for.