Cardiac Recovery New York City

If you’ve recently suffered a heart attack, then it’s important to address your Cardiac Recovery New York City.  The first step is finding a facility like Throgs Neck Rehabilitation that will help you with the process.  Secondary to in facility rehabilitation, you need to continue your Cardiac Recovery New York City at home.

In Facility Cardiac Rehabilitation

Throgs Neck Rehabilitation employs BCLS trained nurses.  They are on staff to ensure your safety as you take participate in the prescribed programs.  Oftentimes, patients who are in rehabilitation after a heart attack are leery of any activities that they perceive might be a strain on their heart.  This fear can hold them back from getting the most from their rehabilitation.  In turn, this can make lengthen the duration of your stay.  BCLS trained nurses are present to make you feel comfortable knowing that you will be safe even if the worst case scenario were to happen.  That being said, the team at Throgs Neck Rehab is extensively trained to tailor a rehab regimen that will garner the best results as quickly as possible in the safest manner possible.

At Home Rehabilitation

Once you return home from your Cardiac Rehabiliation, the healing process should still continue.  It’s important that you take an active part in your own Cardiac Recovery New York City.  There are things you can do at home to make sure that you fully recuperate.

While you received cardiac healthy meals at whichever facility you chose, you need to continue healthy eating on your own.  This requires a little research on your part.  Here’s an article from the American Heart Association that provides some diet and lifestyle recommendations to help get you started.

A sedentary lifestyle is a known contributor to heart disease which can lead to a cardiac event.  If you’ve suffered a heart attack, it’s still just as important to remain active.  Depending on your previous activity levels, you may or may not be able to return fully back to your favorite past times and exercise regime, but you can and should move.  It’s normal to feel reluctant to begin.  Read this article to see how get active after a heart attack.

Third, find a local support group!  It’s a great way to connect with others who’ve experienced the same things as you did.  Experience is the best teacher.  By meeting with people who have suffered a heart attack, for instance, you can gain and share valuable information.  If there is a wonderful doctor, effective exercise or delicious recipe, you are sure to out about it at a meeting.  Additionally, support groups can be a great source of comfort.  Remember, they’ve been in your shoes.  As a result, they share the same fears and anxieties that you have.  Together you can express and work out these feelings.  This will help you exist with your new normal.

As you can see, your Cardiac Recovery New York City, is up to you!  Find a facility like Throgs Neck Rehabilitation.  Begin your in facility rehab as soon as possible.  Then, when you are able to, learn as much about your condition as possible.  Do your homework, put in the hard work and  LIVE!