Long-term Care New York City

Throgs Neck Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is here to care for those in need of Long-term Care New York City. If you have a loved one who struggles to complete every day tasks such as bathing, and dressing it may be wise to consider this opportunity. Here, their kind and friendly staff welcome all with open arms. They work hard to provide an environment in which residents can feel comfortable  and right at home. When you come through their doors, you become part of the Throgs Neck family! So do your loved one a favor, and consider this 5 star rated facility.

When it comes to Long-term Care New York City, this facility provides a balance of wellness and recreation. They believe that the key to living a healthy lifestyle is a healthy balance. For this reason, they offer residents three healthy yet tasty meals a day, Spa and Wellness Programs, and opportunities for social interaction. Your loved one has so much to loom forward to here. But don’t just take our word for it, read the many satisfied testimonials of residents and family members when you click on the following link: https://throgsneckrehab.com/about/testimonials/

So what are you waiting for? Come and see if Throgs Neck Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is the place you have been searching for. IF you have any further questions or concerns, please feel welcomed to contact them. They would love to assist you in any way they can and look forward to hearing from you! For Long-term Care New York City,  Throgs Neck Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has it all.