Subacute Rehab Bronx

Throgs Neck Rehabilitation & Nursing Center has a wonder unit for Subacute Rehab Bronx. If your loved one is in need of physical, occupational or speech therapies, or needs rehabilitation post-surgery, stroke, motor vehicle accident or amputation, know that the best in this type of care is a Throgs Neck Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. They have a long reputation for their state of the art equipment, dedicated staff and support that they offer their patients. There is an entire care team that encourages your loved one from therapy, social work, physician, nursing staff, nursing assistants and even dietary all work together to establish a care plan and work to see their patient’s rewards. If your loved one requires Subacute Rehab Bronx due to Orthopedic needs such as fracture care, post hip or knee replacement, trauma, spinal injury, or low back issues, the therapy teams will see that your loved one does all possible to reach their realistic goals. Returning your loved one home to a more independent lifestyle is also one of their goals. The team for Subacute Rehab Bronx has a state of the art gym where miracles happen on a daily basis. For more information, click on the attached link.