Subacute Rehab New York City

Return back to your normal lifestyle when you come to Throgs Neck Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for Subacute Rehab New York City. Their Subacute Rehabilitation Program is under the direction of renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Albert Graziosa. He and his team work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan just for you. Receive the personalized care you deserve. Together they tend to individuals recovering from a variety of diagnoses. This includes but is not limited to Hip & Knee Replacements, Fractures, and Spinal Surgery.

Their kind and compassionate staff are sympathetic to the needs and concerns of their patients. They are with you throughout your entire recovery process. They work hard to make each and every patient as comfortable as possible. Their goal is to maximize functionality and your restore independence as soon as your recovery allows. Their expert therapists develop goal-oriented rehab regimens tailored to your individual needs. Via an interdisciplinary approach that utilizes the most cutting-edge machinery and techniques, pain management and daily therapy sessions – their patients make remarkable strides rapidly. This is why so many continue to choose Throgs Neck Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for Subacute Rehab New York City. 

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Subacute Rehab New York City please feel welcomed to give them a call. They would be happy to assist you in any way they can. Come and see what quality care ought to look like. You can also learn information more by visiting their website: