Wound Care New York City

No matter what type of wound you’ve suffered, its important to receive proper Wound Care New York City.  Throgs Neck Rehabilitation provides excellent care for your wounds.  The department is lead by Dr. Elen Vezza, who is a renowned wound care specialist.  She is on site regularly and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  She is committed to heading a Wound Care team that is highly trained and effective.  Using state of the art protocols and techniques , they work together to ensure proper healing.  Some of these techniques include the following:

Wound VACs

Wound Vacuum Assisted Closures are beneficial for open wounds that are slow to heal and difficult to close.  Commonly used on bedsores, Wound VACs remove fluids from the wound.  Being that the wound is covered, there is decreased exposure to bacteria.  As a result, infection is increasingly avoided.

Specialized Air Mattresses

Designed to to prevent and treat pressure wounds, low air loss mattresses provide air flow.   As a result, your skin will keep dryer.  These mattresses also relieve pressure resulting in avoidance of bed sores.  Relieving pressure on bed sores, and preventing new ones results in better sleep for patients.  Better sleep aids in healing.  This is all tied in to proper Wound Care New York City.

Infection Control Techniques

Dr. Vezza’s team is always focused on proper IC techniques.  These  include standard precautions, frequent and proper hand washing, cleaning and disinfection and cough etiquette.  Special care is taken with all wounds to avoid spread of infection and promote healing.

IV Antibiotics

While superficial wounds can be treated with topical antibiotics, deeper more serious wounds require intravenous antibiotics.  This is especially important for high risk patients who have moderate to severe infection.  It’s vitally important for these patients to be cared for by a wound specialist such as those under the direction of Dr. Vezza.

Wound Care New York City encompasses all of the above to enjoy the best outcome possible.  Insufficient wound care can lead to amputation.  This is especially true for those with compromised immune systems and diabetics.

Keep in mind, there are 4 types of open wounds (Abrasion, Laceration, Puncture and Avulsion).  While each wound type is caused by different things, they should all be intensively treated to speed up healing.  Serious wounds require serious care. The experienced team at Throgs Neck Rehabilitation provides this specialized care.  Each staff member in this unit is specially trained to devise a personalized plan specific to the patient, health history and type of wounds they endure.  They will closely monitor progress and tailor the plan to foster the best possible outcome for each person.

It is common for pain to negatively impact positive progress in wound care patients.  Because of this, staff will listen to pain complaints and address them swiftly.  Less pain equals better sleep.  Better sleep lends to better overall health.  Intense pain also impacts a person’s general outlook, so pain management is a a priority in each person’s care plan.

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