Wound Care New York City

Are you searching for Wound Care New York City? Throgs Neck Rehabilitation has what you are looking for. The wound care services are led by Dr. Elena Vezza. She is always on site. In addition, she speaks both Spanish and English. At Throgs Neck they provide proper healing for your wounds. Also, they are sure to do all that they can to prevent amputation. The staff at Throgs Neck will help to relieve you of the pain that you are tired of having. They will help to give you a better quality of life.

In addition to Wound Care New York City, there are many other services that are available to patients of all kind who are experiencing different symptoms. They offer Cardiac Care, LVAD, Spa and Wellness, Pain Management, and Orthopedic Care as well. Many different people can find the relief and healing that they desire with Throgs Neck Rehabilitation. The staff wants to give each and every patient their independent lifestyles back. Patients are treated with respect, kindness and they are also given their privacy. In addition, the staff practices patience and care when dealing with patients.

Also, for Wound Care New York City  they have many services that come with it. They have wound VACS, Specialized Air Mattresses , Infection Control Techniques and IV Antibiotics.  Throgs Neck wants to provide you with the care that you need. They understand that you may be in pain, and feeling uncomfortable. That is why they want to help. You can learn more about them online at https://throgsneckrehab.com/specialties/specialized-wound-care/