Wound Care White Plains

If you are looking for Wound Care White Plains, consider Throgs Neck Rehabilitation!  Whether you have bed sores, puncture wounds, wounds resulting from a violent accident or any other type of serious open wound, they can help!  It’s important to receive proper wound care for swift and proper healing.  This will only happen with state of the art techniques and adhering strictly to the proper infection control protocols.

This is why Throgs Neck Rehabilitation is an excellent choice!  Their Wound Care White Plains is headed by Dr. Elen Vezza.  She is a Wound Care Specialist who is double board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology.  Highly educated both in Italy and in New York City, she is up to date on the latest medical advances.  She is on site at Throgs Neck regularly but makes herself accessible 24/7.  Her team is highly trained to Dr. Vezza’s high standards.  They and she will work closely together to create a personalized plan.  As a result, you will received the best Wound Care White Plains for your scenario.

IV Antibiotics are used in conjunction with other state of the art treatment modalities for wound healing and amputation prevention.  This is especially important for those with compromised immune systems.  Throgs Neck can handle care of serious open wounds.  Their nurses are specially trained to use wound VACs.  This technique is useful to remove fluids from the wound and prevent bacteria from entering.

If you’ve had an accident, suffered a deep puncture wound or have a wound that isn’t healing properly, get the care you need.  Trust the specialists at Throgs Neck Rehabilitation to treat your injury/wound in the best manner possible.  If you make the wrong choice, the results could be catastrophic.  Consider scheduling a tour today.